The Zealous Xerneas  were one of two opposing teams on Total Pokémon World Tour. This team was chosen by Jesse and included himself, Sonan, Cano, Vixen, Sparky, Shade, Spike, Dew, Morgan, Static, Chelsea, Ded, M.P.S., Laxish, Frosty, Skore, Striker, Kai, Jet, Combat, Mac, Egridos, Flynn, Razor, and Carman. However, in Pokéathlon! I Choose You!, Razor and Carman were switched in place of Hex and Rocky, because it was thought to be beneficial for them to be on the evil team because of their actions. At the end of Venturing in the Pokémon Village, Lila quit her team and came to the Xerneas because of personal problems.

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In Pokéathlon! I Choose You!, because of the constant badgering and rudeness of their teammates, Hex and Rocky are placed on the team in exchange for Razor and Carman.

At the end of Venturing in the Pokémon Village, Lila switched teams in order to be on Jesse's team after he quit, as well as to get away from her original team.

Zealous Xerneas teammates
Cano | Carman | Chelsea | Combat | Ded | Dew | Egridos | Flynn | Frosty | Hex | Jesse | Jet | Kai | Laxish | Lila | M.P.S. | Mac | Morgan | Razor | Rock 'N Roll | Shade | Skore | Sonan | Sparky | Spike | Static | Striker | Vixen


Contestant Gender Rank Team rank Episode Reason for elimination
Mac Male 48th 26th Solaceon Situation He accidentally tossed his team's gem into a lava pool created by Shade.
Egridos Male 47th 25th Floccesy Ranch Roundup He was still annoying to everybody.
Flynn Male 44th 24th Shalour Survival He was hated by everyone on his team.
Skore Male 43rd 23rd Mt. Chimney is Smokin' Carman targeted him.
Frosty Male 40th 22nd Shocks at the Chateau He was seen as useless.
Jesse Male 37th 21st Venturing in the Pokémon Village He quit due to stress.
Sparky Male 33rd 20th It's All About the Honey He was targeted after Ray created a fake photo of him and Vixen kissing.
Static Male 32nd 19th Coronet Coordination Justy trapped him inside of a cave and his team thought that he neglected the challenge.
Striker Male 30th 18th Celestial Circumstances Ray manipulated Laxish into saying that he wanted to be eliminated.
Laxish Male 28th 17th Natio Navigation! Ray manipulated him into quitting.
Vixen Female 26th 16th A New Whirl View After being kissed by a possessed Hex, Morgan told everyone to vote her out.
Spike Male 25th 15th Every Cloud Has Mt. Silver's Lining He got annoyed with Cano and Shade's constant arguing and quit.
Cano Male 21st 14th Get in the Zone! Safari Zone! Ray attacked him and made him fail the challenge.
Shade Male 19th 13th Get in the Zone! Safari Zone! He got disqualified after Ray exposed Aura's pregnancy.
M.P.S. Male 17th 12th The Space-Time Conundrum He got stuck at the bottom of the staircase and missed all of the challenges.
Kai Male 15th 11th Laid Out in Lavender He was pulled out of the plane by Zayn after fighting.
Jet Male 14th 10th Snowtop Showdown He was eliminated for being a threat.
Chelsea Female 13th 9th Shooting for the Stars! She got the worst reviews for her film.
Ded Male 12th 8th Based Underground The Girls' Alliance targeted him.
Rock 'N Roll Male 11th 7th Based Underground Mew and Victini disqualified him with Ded because they were getting annoyed by their boring performances in the challenges.
Sonan Male 8th 6th The Good Shoal Days Ray eliminated him.
Dew Male 7th 5th Blown Out of Distortion He collected the least amount of Legendaries.
Combat Male 6th 4th The Treasures of Nacrene He was a threat.
Hex Male 5th 3rd Fun-etic Reversal He used magic on Mason to disqualify himself and keep Morgan in.
Morgan Female 4th 2nd It's Winding Down! Ray stole half of Mason's flags and she ended up having the least after the final outcome.
Lila Female 3rd 1st It's Winding Down! Mason eliminated her.

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