Ultimate Total Pokémon is a series created by DarkArcanine33. The Ultimate Total Pokemon series is written on It has a rating of "T".

Ultimate Total Pokémon IslandEdit

Ultimate Total Pokémon Island is about forty-eight (later fifty) contestants on an island known as "Camp Hikia." The contestants were put on two teams, the Dreadful Dialgas and the Powerful Palkias. The two teams were given challenges and the team who lost would have to eliminate the person they want off of the island. The ones eliminated would take the Chair of Loserdom, which would blast them away. Later in the series, interns destroyed all of the chairs, leading to the Slingshot of Sorrow being conceived. The process continued until two contestants remain on the island. The last contestant standing wins $10,000,000,000,000 and a lifetime supply of Pokéblock.

Ultimate Total Pokémon ActionEdit

Twenty-five previous contestants from Ultimate Total Pokémon Island, along with fourty-eight newcomers compete for $10,000,000,000,000 in the second season called Ultimate Total Pokémon Action. The contestants are put into three teams: the Ravishing Raikous, the Emperor Enteis, and the Smooth Suicunes. The contestants are given challenges in every episode in which they had to compete in, each one based on a specific movie or genre. As in Ultimate Total Pokemon Island, when a team loses, they must go to the elimination ceremony. The contestants who are safe receive pokeballs, and the person/people who do not receive a pokeball are eliminated and must take a ride on the Rocket of Rejects, or the Rocket Limo. The process continues until two contestants remain and the final challenge will determine the winner of the $10,000,000,000,000.