Total Pokémon World Tour  is the third season of the Total Pokémon series.


Thirty-six contestants from the past two seasons, along with fourteen newcomers compete for 10,000,000,000PokémonDollar in a new show called Total Pokémon World Tour. The contestants travel from destination to destination in a plane, doing challenges according to the location. There are two teams led by Jesse and Lila : the Zealous Xerneas and the Errant Yveltals . In every episode, it is required that the contestants sing a song in order for them to stay in the game. If they do not sing, they are automatically eliminated. Just like the past seasons, in Total Pokémon World Tour, when a team loses, they must go to a elimination ceremony. This season, the process is that they have to stamp the passport of the person they want to leave. The contestants who are safe will receive a bag of peanuts. The person/people who do not receive a bag is eliminated and must take the Drop of Shame. It process continues until two contestants remain and the final challenge will determine who wins the 10,000,000,000PokémonDollar.


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Elimination OrderEdit

Contestant Primary team Rank Episode
Lawrence Errant Yveltals 50th All New Bark and No Bite
Smash Errant Yveltals 49th Hassle in Relic Castle
Mac Zealous Xerneas 48th Solaceon Situation
Egridos Zealous Xerneas 47th Floccesy Ranch Roundup
Harrison Errant Yveltals 46th Having a Wale of a Time
Chandler Errant Yveltals 45th Hearthome Is Where the Hurt Is
Flynn Zealous Xerneas 44th Shalour Survival
Skore Zealous Xerneas 43rd Mt. Chimney is Smokin'
Zayn Errant Yveltals 42nd Game Corner Chaos
Summer Errant Yveltals 41st Pokéathlon! I Choose You!
Frosty Zealous Xerneas 40th Shocks at the Chateau
Crash Errant Yveltals 39th The Effect of Reflection
Hope Errant Yveltals 38th Ecruteak Freaks
Jesse Zealous Xerneas 37th Venturing in the Pokémon Village
Kevin Errant Yveltals 36th
Aldon Errant Yveltals 35th Strange House of Humor
Farra Errant Yveltals 34th Twist Mountain Mastery
Sparky Zealous Xerneas 33rd It's All About the Honey
Static Zealous Xerneas 32nd Coronet Coordination
Vile Errant Yveltals 31st And Then There Was Sewer
Striker Zealous Xerneas 30th Celestial Circumstances
Solis Errant Yveltals 29th Natio Navigation!
Laxish Zealous Xerneas 28th
Jason Errant Yveltals 27th Pokélantis Anyone?
Vixen Zealous Xerneas 26th A New Whirl View
Spike Zealous Xerneas 25th Every Cloud Has Mt. Silver's Lining
Justy Errant Yveltals 24th Quête d'a-Moor
Crowley Errant Yveltals 23rd
Ricky Errant Yveltals 22nd There's Snowpoint in Doing This
Cano Zealous Xerneas 21st Get in the Zone! Safari Zone!
Aura Errant Yveltals 20th
Shade Zealous Xerneas 19th
Volante Errant Yveltals 18th Cavern Fever
M.P.S. Zealous Xerneas 17th The Space-Time Conundrum
Razor Errant Yveltals 16th All is in Ruins
Kai Zealous Xerneas 15th Laid Out in Lavender
Jet Zealous Xerneas 14th Snowtop Showdown
Chelsea Zealous Xerneas 13th Shooting for the Stars!
Ded Zealous Xerneas 12th Based Underground
Rock 'N Roll Zealous Xerneas 11th
Vina Errant Yveltals 10th De-Lumiose-o
Carman Errant Yveltals 9th In the Shade of Mt. Moon
Sonan Zealous Xerneas 8th The Good Shoal Days
Dew Zealous Xerneas 7th Blown Out of Distortion
Combat Zealous Xerneas 6th The Treasures of Nacrene
Hex Zealous Xerneas 5th Fun-etic Reversal
Morgan Zealous Xerneas 4th It's Winding Down!
Lila Zealous Xerneas 3rd
Ray Errant Yveltals 2nd Sibling Rivalry, Mason vs. Ray
Mason Errant Yveltals 1st