Total Pokémon Action is the second season of the Total Pokemon series.


All fifty-two contestants from Total Pokémon Island, along with twenty-three newcomers compete for 5,000,000,000PokémonDollar in a new show called Total Pokemon Action. There were originally three teams led by JesseDed, and Smash: the Lusty Lucarios, the Superior Slakings, and the Rampaging Rampardos respectively. After Smash's elimination, a new team was added and the teams were switched around, with Flame, a newcomer, becoming a captain. The contestants are given challenges in every episode in which they had to compete in. As in Total Pokemon Island, when a team loses, they must go to the elimination ceremony where this time, they have to use electronic voters to vote. The contestants who are safe receive a Mew plushie, The person/people who do not receive a Mew plushie are eliminated and must take a ride in the Lame-O-Sine. The process continues until two contestants remain and the final challenge will determine the winner of the 5,000,000,000PokémonDollar.


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Elimination Order

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Contestant Primary team Rank Episode
Monica None 75th/74th Groudon Cash
Liksur Superior Slakings 73rd Alien Eggsploration
Static Superior Slakings 72nd Beach Blanket Bozos
Flynn Superior Slakings 71st Super Zeros
Connor Superior Slakings 70th Wild Wild Pests
Clay Lusty Lucarios 69th Jail House Rocked
Annie Rampaging Rampardos 68th Medical Miscreants
Krack Superior Slakings 67th Terrifying Trials
Lassie Rampaging Rampardos 66th Disastrophe
Sapphire Rampaging Rampardos 65th/64th
Swift Superior Slakings
Smash Rampaging Rampardos 63rd War Lords
Piff Superior Slakings 62nd Playas Gonna Play Sports
Egridos Charging Charizards 61st Action in Action
Reta Superior Slakings 60th/59th No Mo Romance
Fez Charging Charizards
Hayden Superior Slakings 58th/57th Gang Banged
Marionette Charging Charizards
Dhaunt Charging Charizards 56th Heisting and Dicing
Frosty Superior Slakings 55th Prehistoric Pummeling
Phill Superior Slakings 54th Wimps Upon a Time
Hope Charging Charizards 53rd/52nd Codename:PKMN
Titan Superior Slakings
Nero Charging Charizards 51st/50th The Same 'Ol Song 'N Dance
Rapid Superior Slakings
Draco Superior Slakings 49th/48th Deceit and Treasury
Aldon Charging Charizards
Kojo Superior Slakings 47th/46th/45th Comedy War, Leon's Victory
Aura Lusty Lucarios
Shine Lusty Lucarios
Shade Lusty Lucarios 44th 'Ol Time Rock 'N Roll
Anthony Charging Charizards 43rd/42nd
Ivory Charging Charizards
Cramad Charging Charizards 41st/40th Fact or Fanfiction?
Vina Charging Charizards
Clash Lusty Lucarios 39th/38th Realization and Recoils
Sally Lusty Lucarios
Freezeo Charging Charizards 37th/36th Kung Fools
Volante Charging Charizards
Summer Charging Charizards 35th/34th Just Plane Stupid
Morgan Charging Charizards
Dew Charging Charizards 33rd/32nd Riddlin' Rivals
Solis Charging Charizards
Sabrina Charging Charizards 31st/30th Fangs A Lot
Leon Charging Charizards
Ray Charging Charizards 29th/28th Ray's Final Battle
Vile Charging Charizards
Marie Charging Charizards 27th/26th Speed Races, Bike Edition
Flame Charging Charizards
Lila Lusty Lucarios 25th/24th Jingle Fails
M.P.S. Lusty Lucarios
Sola Lusty Lucarios 23rd/22nd Party Hard
Luna Lusty Lucarios
Klavier Lusty Lucarios 21st/20th Poke-Ception
Laxish Lusty Lucarios
Ded Lusty Lucarios 19th A Ded Space Journey
Cano Lusty Lucarios 18th Drama, Cano's Upset
Ebony Charging Charizards 17th
Kai Lusty Lucarios 16th Get A Clue
Kevin Charging Charizards 15th Drug Lords
Vixen Lusty Lucarios 14th I SAW Pokemon
Spike Lusty Lucarios 13th Infants and Flags
Demenio Lusty Lucarios 12th/11th Road Rashed
Jet Lusty Lucarios
Skore Lusty Lucarios 10th School is for Fools
Sparky Lusty Lucarios 9th Sore-cery
Jesse Lusty Lucarios 8th
Spiro Lusty Lucarios 7th Biker Beatdown
Carman Charging Charizards 6th
Sonan Lusty Lucarios 5th Do You Want a Parodies?
Mason Charging Charizards 4th Game Banged
Farra Charging Charizards 3rd
Striker Lusty Lucarios 2nd The Last Episode, Really!
Darren Lusty Lucarios 1st