The Errant Yveltals were one of two opposing teams on Total Pokémon World Tour. This team was chosen by Lila and included herself, Vina, Volante, Kevin, Chandler, Ray, Summer, Ricky, Crash, Justy, Farra, Hex, Rocky, Mason, Crowley, Vile, Hope, Aldon, Jason, Solis, Aura, Lawrence, Smash, Harrison, and Zayn. However, in Pokéathlon! I Choose You!, Hex and Rocky were switched in place of Razor and Carman, because Jesse and Sonan, saw that they were being treated poorly. At the end of Venturing in the Pokémon Village, Lila quit her team and moved to the other because of personal problems.

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In Pokéathlon! I Choose You!, because of the constant badgering and rudeness of their teammates, Hex and Rocky are placed on the opposite team in exchange for Razor and Carman.

Errant Yveltals teammates
Aldon | Aura | Carman | Chandler | Crash | Crowley | Farra | Harrison | Hex | Hope | Jason | Justy | Kevin | Lawrence | Lila | Mason | Ray | Razor | Ricky | Rock 'N Roll | Smash | Solis | Summer | Vile | Vina | Volante | Zayn


Contestant Gender Rank Team rank Episode Reason for elimination
Lawrence Male 50th 24th All New Bark and No Bite His obsession with stabbing angered everyone.
Smash Male 49th 23rd Hassle in Relic Castle His weaknesses over weighed his usefulness.
Harrison Male 46th 22nd Having a Wale of a Time Crowley corrupted the votes.
Chandler Male 45th 21st Hearthome Is Where the Hurt Is Crowley corrupted the votes.
Zayn Male 42nd 20th Game Corner Chaos He failed both challenges.
Summer Female 41st 19th Pokéathlon! I Choose You! Carman corrupted the votes.
Crash Male 39th 18th The Effect of Reflection Being in a fishbowl, he was useless to his teammates.
Hope Female 38th 17th Ecruteak Freaks Ray targeted her.
Kevin Male 36th 16th Venturing in the Pokémon Village Ray reprogrammed him and made him sabotage the team.
Aldon Male 35th 15th Strange House of Humor Ray attacked him and critically injured him.
Farra Female 34th 14th Twist Mountain Mastery Ray targeted her.
Vile Female 31st 13th And Then There Was Sewer Carman targeted her.
Solis Female 29th 12th Natio Navigation! Ray targeted her.
Jason Male 27th 11th Pokélantis Anyone? Ray told the team that he was cause of the strange eliminations.
Justy Male 24th 10th Quête d'a-Moor He lost the tiebreaker.
Crowley Male 23rd 9th Quête d'a-Moor Justy took him out of the plane with him.
Ricky Male 22nd 8th There's Snowpoint in Doing This Ray got invincibility, so a vote towards him was the only one that counted.
Aura Female 20th 7th Get in the Zone! Safari Zone! She got disqualified after Ray exposed her pregnancy.
Volante Male 18th 6th Cavern Fever Ray eliminated him.
Razor Male 16th 5th All is in Ruins Everyone forgot that Ray had invincibility, so a vote towards him was the only one that counted.
Vina Female 10th 4th De-Lumiose-o She was the last one to reach the top of Prism Tower.
Carman Female 9th 3rd In the Shade of Mt. Moon Majority of the guys eliminated her.
Ray Male 2nd 2nd Sibling Rivalry, Mason vs. Ray He lost the battle against Mason.
Mason Male 1st 1st Sibling Rivalry, Mason vs. Ray He won the battle against Ray.
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