The Crazy Cobalions  were one of the two opposing teams on Total Pokémon Island. The Crazy Cobalions originally included Chandler, Jesse, Nero, Leon, Titan, Cramad, Ded, Vina, Volante, Clash, Flynn, Lila, Sonan, Aldon, Piff, Skore, Phill, Smash, Kojo, Frosty, Laxish, Liksur, Dhaunt, Egridos, Hope, and Reta.

In the episode Climbing the Mountain of Legends, Flynn and Vile  were told to switch teams and as a result, Vile became a Cobalion.

In the episode, An Egghausting Challenge, eggs that were for the challenge hatched and the Pokemon inside became campers, causing Sonan to be on the Cobalions and Spike to be on the Keldeos. 

In the episode, Fossil Fools, fossils that were revived for the challenge became campers as well, placing Aldon on the Cobalions and Spiro on the Keldeos.

This team was the antagonizing team, having most of the evil doers and plotters on it. Many villains came from this team including Nero, Vile, Aldon, Volante (Who became good later), Phill (Who became good later), and Hope.

Because of all of the arguments, alliances, and betrayal on this team, they lost many challenges. The only times they won were either luck, or a positive influence (such as Skore being the last person standing multiple times).

While they lost teammates at a faster rate before the merge, many of the Cobalions became stronger after the merge hit. Only the strongest made it to the merge, and those who lasted by pure luck made it as well. Although they were the weaker team, the final three consisted of two Cobalions and one Keldeo.

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In Climbing the Mountain of Legends, Mew told two campers to swtich teams, making a Crazy Cobalion switch to the Killer Keldeos and vice-versa.

In An Egghausting Challenge, after the challenge, Mew and Victini allowed newly hatched Pokemon to join the game, one went to the Killer Keldeos and the other stayed with the Crazy Cobalions.

In Fossil Fools, after the challenge, Mew and Victini revived two fossil Pokemon, who would each be joining the game, one went to the Killer Keldeos and the other stayed with the Crazy Cobalions.

Crazy Cobalions teammates
Aldon | Chandler | Clash | Cramad | Ded | Dhaunt | Egridos | Flynn | Frosty | Hope | Jesse | Kojo | Laxish | Leon | Liksur | Lila | Nero | Phill | Piff | Reta | Skore | Smash | Sonan | Titan | Vile | Vina | Volante


Contestant Gender Rank Team rank Episode Reason for elimination
Nero Male Returns Everybody Hates Cliff  He was being a jerk to Skore.
Vile Female Returns Fear Facing Fiasco She was being very mean.
Vile Female Returns Statues Suck! She slashed the head off of her teams' statue.
Liksur Male 49th 26th The Awakened He was the first to fall asleep in the challenge.
Clash Female 47th 25th Pokémon's Got Talent She was targeted by Nero's alliance.
Cramad Female 46th 24th Don't Ask Questions, Just Answer! She was targeted by Nero's alliance.
Reta Female 45th 23rd White Wetting She made a list of the hottest guys on the island and when the guys on her team found out that she put them at the bottom, they eliminated her.
Titan Male 43rd 22nd Scavenger Hunt 2: Talkin' 'Bout Evolution His teammates eliminated him so that he could be with Cramad again.
Phill Male 42nd 21st An Egghausting Challenge Because he was in Nero's alliance in the past and because he was expendable, his team voted him out.
Vina Female 41st 20th Battle Brawls Vile's alliance targeted her.
Leon Male 40th 19th Hide and Shriek He was useless and annoying.
Volante Male 36th 18th Dating Disasters Vile's alliance targeted him.
Dhaunt Male 35th 17th Cooking Catastrophe Aldon switched the smoothies and he was blamed for it.
Piff Female 34th 16th Fashion Victims She got the lowest score in the contest.
Smash Male 33rd 15th Rowboat Rascals His idea backfired and thanks to Kai, he sank his own team's boat.
Kojo Male 31st 14th Battle Brawls 2 He lost the battles.
Egridos Male 27th 13th Military Madness He irritated Mewtwo so much that he eliminated him.
Frosty Male 26th 12th Truth or Dare, but Mostly Dare Vile dared him to be eliminated, which was actually the challenge.
Hope Female 23rd/22nd 11th Jail Break Out She was one of the final ones to exit the jail.
Chandler Male 21st/20th/19th 10th/9th/8th Gotta Hunt 'Em All Nero randomly chose him to leave.
Ded Male 21st/20th/19th 10th/9th/8th Gotta Hunt 'Em All Nero randomly chose him to leave.
Jesse Male 21st/20th/19th 10th/9th/8th Gotta Hunt 'Em All Nero randomly chose him to leave.
Laxish Male 16th 7th Griseous Grab He was caught and arrested at the elimination ceremony.
Lila Female 14th 6th PKMN Pain Olympics Vile's alliance targeted her.
Sonan Male 12th 5th Murder MonTage He payed more attention to a game he received through the mail and got out of the challenge first.
Nero Male 10th 4th That's Just Cold He abandoned everyone else.
Aldon Male 9th 3rd Go Go GoKarts! Spiro chose him to leave.
Vile Female 3rd 2nd Daring Disasters Cano and Skore teamed up against her and she failed a dare due to a technicality.
Skore Male 1st 1st Final Showdown: Cano vs. Skore Cano allowed him to win.

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