Amethyst was a camper on Total Pokémon Revenge of the Island as a member of the Brave Bisharps. She later returned as a contestant for Total Pokémon: Underdogs, as a member of the Loser Lugias.


Amethyst is a very sweet girl with a large heart who will often follow along with what she is told. However, if she thinks it will hurt her in the long run, she will do her own thing. She is very innocent, and doesn't get a lot of references. She is a bit timid at first, and is often quite shy. She is a romantic at heart. She doesn't tell many, but she has developed very good survival skills and has developed a very strong fighting technique. She is tougher than she looks, and will defend herself if necessary. She is very pretty, and can make even the coldest person smile. She sometimes will go off on her own, as being in crowds can make her a bit uncomfortable.

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