Ace was a camper on Total Pokémon: Parafrosyni Island as a member of the Radical Reshirams. He later returned as a contestant for Total Pokémon: Underdogs, as a member of the Loser Lugias.


Ace is a very shy person after his experience and has a very hard time making friends. He is very smart and makes good grades and can be sarcastic if he comes out of his shell. If he makes friends, its mostly girls and some guys. He acts like a straight man so he has to tell people that he is gay. Ace rarely gets angry but if he does, its best to get away from him. He likes to help people a lot but hates people that are mean. He is very loyal to the friends he makes and is the best person for a shoulder to cry on. He seems like he isn't lonely but he longs for a boyfriend. There is a point that he can be pushed past, and that's where he can use his intelligence to start defeating his targets. Once bullied enough, his mindset is sent into a berserker like state and he is really only set on destroying the one that makes his life miserable. This is very rare for he is a very calm Pokemon and tends to be estrange from the group at points. When he reflects at these points, he starts to have suicidal thoughts as he wants to help everyone, not cause them harm.

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